GalileoMobile has been active in the media since the year 2009 when the first expedition took place. Here we show part of the impact that GalileoMobile had in the media like the news, blogs, citations and press releases, and in other media. The list that we present is classified in categories and in chronological order. To follow the link click on the red pin.

  •  Own production in the press

Khagol Rath: GalileoMobile meets rural India - a COSPAR 2012 associated event, Reports from Mysore in Space Research Today, volume 186, 2 - 22, 2013

 Flash: internal journal of the École Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne (EPFL), issue 15/Feb/2012, p. 30 - Lausanne, France (French)
 Universidad de Colombia, 14/Apr/2011 - Bogotá, Colombia (Spanish)
 Max-Planck PhD-net magazine "Offspring", issue 05/2010, p. 30-31 - Munich, Alemania (English)
 Le Petit Journal, 30/Nov/2009 - Santiago, Chile (French)
 El Nortero, 29/Nov/2009 - Antofagasta, Chile (Spanish)
 El Mercurio de Antofagasta, 25/Nov/2009 - Antofagasta, Chile (Spanish)
 Diario 21, 12/Oct/2009 - Iquique, Chile (Spanish)
 La Estrella de Iquique, 11/Oct/2009 - Iquique, Chile (Spanish)
 Radio Patria Nueva, 11/Oct/2009 - La Paz, Bolivia (Spanish)
Diario 21, 10/Oct/2009 - Iquique, Chile (Spanish)
 El Mercurio de Calama, 08/Oct/2009 - Calama, Chile (Spanish)
 Il Settimanale de Molise, 07/Oct/2009 - Molise Campobasso, Italy (Italian)
 Observatorio de Valencia, 06/Oct/2009 - Valencia, Spain (Spanish) ESO press release (English)
 Mené, 05/Oct/2009 - Sineu, Mallorca (Spanish). ESO press release (English), 05/Oct/2009 - Chile (Spanish)


  • Blogs

 Blog of the Las Cumbres Observatory, 19/Dec/2011 (English)
 Blog of the planetarium María Reiche "Lima - Ica - Nasca - Arequipa - Cusco", 21/Dec/2009 (Spanish)
 El Lobo Rayado, 30/Nov/2009 (Spanish)
 Planetarium Cusco, 18/Nov/2009 (Spanish)
 Planetarium Cusco, 14/Nov/2009 (Spanish)
 Dust in a Sunbeam, 20/Oct/2009 (Spanish)
 El Lobo Rayado, 15/Oct/2009 (Spanish)
Where the Sun Hits the Skies, 10/Oct/2009 (Spanish)
 É Tudo Ciência!, 09/Oct/2009 (Portuguese)
 Caffè Molise, 07/Oct/2009 (Italian)
Dos Crimes, Bordados e Vaidades, 07/Oct/2009 (Portuguese)
Nasa Watch, 06/Oct/2009 (English)
Blog of the planetarium María Reiche "Lima - Ica - Nasca - Arequipa - Cusco", 04/Oct/2009 (Spanish)


  • Citations and reproductions of press releases

The Portal to the Universe, 09/Apr/2010 - reproduction of an entry of the GalileoMobile blog (Spanish)
Beyond the International Year of Astronomy, 08/Jan/2010 - citation in the third paragraph, bottom up (English)
ESO, 04/Jan/2010 - citation in the last paragraph (English)
ESO, 10/Dec/2009 (English)
Space Ref, 06/Oct/2009 (English)
Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System - reproduction of the press release of ESO (English)
ESO, 05/Oct/2009 (English): press release, photo
International Astronomical Union, 05/Oct/2009 (English): photo, article
Últimas Noticias del Cosmos, 05/Oct/2009 (Spanish), 05/Oct/2009 (English)
Portal to the Universe, 04/May/2009


  • Photos, 25/Oct/2009 - Photo of the team in Antofagasta


  • Other media (English)
Wikipedia (English)